Guan Tianlang


Born: October 25th, 1998 in Guangzhou, China
Nationality: Chinese
Famous For: Being the youngest person to make the PGA tour cut
Awards: Low Amateur Honors at The Masters

Guan Tianlang is a record-breaking golfer who qualified for the 2013 Masters Tournament after winning the 2012 Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship hosted in Thailand. He emerged the youngest player to make the cut in PGA tour at only 14 years, 5 months and 17 days old. In Asia and most other parts of the world, golf enthusiasts are enthralled by Guan’s tremendous achievements at his age. His family has also played a great role in supporting his passion up to where he currently is.


Born on October 25th, 1998 in Guangzhou, China Guan Tianlang is the only child of Han Wen and Hong Yu. His father, Han, is credited for much of his mentorship and support in growing his golfing career. Guan’s first encounter with Golf was at the age of 4. He is always keen on watching tournaments on TV from the U.S. and other parts of the world. In addition to his formal coaching, he has natural instinct with golf that makes him a highly proficient athlete. His track record is fascinating; with his little training and strong passion he has won a few amateur golf championships before even becoming a teenager.

Golf Career

In the 2010, Guan was the youngest player to have won the China Amateur Futures Tour followed by China Amateur Tour (2011). In 2011, he also won the Callaway Junior World Golf Championship held in San Diego. The Masters was not the first major attempt in his career; in 2012 he became the youngest golfer, at 13 years and 173 days, to enter the European Tour.

At the age of 14 he entered the 2012 Asian Pacific Amateur Championship in Thailand and was ranked number 490 in the world. He was then named the tournament leader. He sank a 5-foot putt to win by a stroke. His victory earned him an automatic entry to the 2013 Master Tournament in Georgia. Although he was not yet equipped for that level of play, Guan Tianlang represented his country and also showed fanatics his potential in golfing. Earlier, before the tournament, he had met up with Tiger Woods and Nick Faldo who gave him the support and advice he needed. Even though he did not keep up with the heavy competition on longer holes, his expertise, especially with the belly putter, was a revelation to many admirers.

His performance in the Master was startling; he shot a 73 on the opening round and a 75 in the second day. He played a perfect round and you could see his patience, confidence and impressive focus just before taking his shot.