Bobby Jones


Born: March 17th, 1902 in Atlanta, Georgia
Died: December 18th, 1971 (at age 69) in Atlanta, Georgia
Nationality: American
Famous For: Being the most successful amateur golfer in history
Awards: AAU Sullivan Award

Golfing legend Bobby Jones was born to Robert Purmedus Jones and Clara Thomas in Atlanta, Georgia, on March 17th, 1903. Bobby Jones was named after his grandfather, a popular businessman from Canton. In 1907, his father joined Atlanta Athletic Club, which also owned the East Lake Country Club, where the family spent each summer. It was at East Lake Country Club that Jones learned how to play golf, mainly by imitating the swing of the club’s professional Stewart Maiden.


Bobby played against adults at age 9 and won his very first major men’s tournament. He became the only golfer to win the United States Open champion at 21. Bobby Jones’ crowning glory was The Grand Slam of the year 1930, at age 28, in which he became the first golfer to win the US Open, United States Amateur, British Amateur championships as well as British Open in a single year. At that point, Jones retired from tournament golf.

Jones in Retirement

While Bobby Jones retired from tournament golf in 1930, he did not leave the public spotlight or the golf world. Freed from monetary restraints of the formal amateurism, he quickly capitalized on his golf achievements. In 1931 and 1933, Jones filmed golf instructional videos. Throughout his life, Jones wrote several books on golf, including the autobiographical works Golf Is My Game and Down the Fairway. His exceptional project was the establishment of Augusta National Golf Club as well as the annual Masters tournament which is held at the club. It became one of the most popular tournaments in the game.

Social Life

Jones was said to be a good friend and gentleman. He had a sense of humor. He drank bourbon and smoked cigarettes. Jones was overwhelmed by the people who wanted to play golf with him.

Jones appeared every spring at the Masters tournament, playing in the event until 1948, when he suffered a spinal injury. He had to give up the game of golf and was forced into a wheelchair. Jones continued to run his business interests from his Atlanta home. He took his last tour to the Masters in the year 1968. Ultimately succumbing to his sickness, Bobby Jones died in 1971, at the age 69. More than any golfer in history, Jones is a model of the complete golfer. Extremely gifted, he was also an intelligent man, and he merged all these forces to become not just a singular champion, but also a hero to many.